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Plymouth Science Park appoint marketing consultant

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The Brief

Plymouth Science Park is a world-class office, research and laboratory environment looking to attract and support businesses in fields including creative industries, technology and medical research. The Park is home to around 80 businesses and 800 employees. Phase 5 opens in October 2016, bringing space for another 200 people onto the Park. PSP asked Hedgerow Marketing to act as an interim marketing consultant Plymouth to support the marketing of the Park and Phase 5 .

The Project

Promotion of PSP and Phase 5 will involve attracting prospective tenants to the Park through exhibitions, direct marketing, PR and events up to to opening of the new Phase 5 building in October 2016.  Having identified the routes for market in the local business community, we undertook to design and produce an attractive stand for the Plymouth Business Show on 17 June 2015 (with only 8 days notice) and a stand to attract local talent at Plymouth University on June 24th.

Making a stand at the Open Day

Making a stand at the Open Day

Show stand

Writing and designing new brochures has been an exciting and rewarding project, including a full day’s photo shoot to show the Park off to best advantage.

Photos from the phot shoot for new brochures

Photos from the photo shoot for new brochures

New brochures for PSP and for One Research Way (Phase 5)  were printed in October 2015, just as the new referral programme was also launched.