Marketing consultants Exeter

Marketing consultants Exeter and Devon; bringing creative design, business development skills and marketing magic to our clients so that we can help you grow your client base and win more business.
We are a team of business development, PR and marketing consultants based in Exeter and across the South West, working together to bring the very best of our talents to each project. Each client is facing different challenges and we adjust our team and resources accordingly. Whether you need a PR resourceĀ or a direct mail campaign, SEO or a marketing strategy, we have the skills within our team to deliver on your project. Not only that, but you won’t be subsidising our flash offices and expensive business lunches as we don’t believe that’s the best use of your fees! We work from our office in Woodbury, your office or in coffee shops all over Devon – which means you get the best value from your fees and we drink too much coffee.

Meet the Team

Lesley Marketing & PR Expert

Marketing & Business Development

Tony Photographer


Dan SmithGraphic Designer

Dan Smith
Graphic Designer and Web Designer