Portfolio – Marketing & PR

Primarily based in Exeter, Hedgerow Marketing works with clients as diverse as the NHS, Connect Academy Trust, Harriet Whinney Pearls, British Society of Gastroenterology, Vickery Holman Property Consultants and Exeter Science Park. Projects can be a one-off to meet a specific requirement or more usually, we work for an agreed number of hours per week to cover a variety of marketing and PR requirements.

Marketing Agency Devon

Every client has a different marketing challenge. Some want to rebrand while others are looking to redesign their marketing material. Some need a website and SEO, while others are looking for lead generation through Google AdWords. Some want a new direct mail approach to build their client base while others are looking to LinkedIn. We are in Devon but we’re able to cover clients from London to Truro. With the advent of online conference calls, we can actually work anywhere!

Take a look at some of the clients we work with; we’ve tried to give a flavour of the work we do. Over the last three years, we have worked with public and private sector clients including Exeter Science Park, Harriet Whinney Pearls, Robert Camp Consulting, Aussie Metal Management, Vickery Holman Property Consultants, My Sunrise, Connect Academy Trust, Waggle Events, Ryder Slade Recruitment….the list goes on. The most important factors for us are that we like and understand our client and their business; we have open lines of communication; a joint commitment for a minimum of 6 months for ongoing marketing projects and a shared sense of humour. After all, work should be fun, yes?

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