Having a great product or service is one thing. Telling people about it is quite another. If you don’t engage in direct marketing, it’s like winking in the dark – no-one is going to see what you can do for them!  Direct marketing involves a direct approach to your target market and is usually personalised and targeted. A direct marketing campaign could include direct mail, leafleting, eshot campaigns and tele-marketing. It is ideal for smaller businesses since it makes excellent use of limited resources. Direct marketing is linked to increasing sales so its effectiveness can be measured and different methods can be tested easily.

So how can Hedgerow Marketing help you?

Marketing Audit

The first step to take is to look what you have already done to promote your business, your existing client base and your database.  We will define who is likely to want or need your product or service. For each main market group, we will assess how to reach them and what messages they would respond to. We’ll also look at the wider market / environment you are working in. Ideally, we would end up with a picture of your perfect client (s), what they want or need, and a channel to reach them through.

Direct Marketing Campaigns

Now we know who your clients are, where they are and how to reach them. Depending on the outcomes of the audit and your budget, we will create a campaign to get your message to your existing and potential clients in the most cost-effective way. Any campaign will depend on the quality of the database we use. We may need to buy in mailing lists or tele-validate your existing database first. Whatever channels we choose, you can relax knowing that our team of graphic designers, photographers, copywriters and marketing professionals will have the job in hand.

Campaigns can be measured in terms of sales but can also include measures such as levels of enquiries, website traffic and subscriptions to your newsletters.

Integrating campaigns

Direct marketing campaigns are usually supported by other ways of reaching your markets such as PR in the local press, posts on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook and perhaps targeted advertising, a poster campaign or word of mouth. It’s obviously harder to measure the effectiveness of these methods but it’s worth including these into a campaign simply because of the size of the market you can reach.

It’s also essential to keep your website up to date and well optimised. People need to be able to find you by searching on your main key words especially if you are running a campaign to drive traffic to your website.