digital marketing in a busy world

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Digital marketing is one of the most interesting tools in your marketing toolbox. It can suck up HOURS of your time and it’s not always obvious if it’s working or not! As with all marketing tools, it’s better to focus on one or two aspects of social media and cover those properly as opposed to trying to be on every platform. If you’re looking to work with a specific market group, for example, estate agents, it’s better to concentrate on LinkedIn and Twitter and leave Facebook and Pinterest for your teenagers. If you are hoping to sell hundreds of hand-made garments to the under 25s, you need to work out which platforms those youngsters are using at the moment and be on those.

Digital marketing┬áhas become so much easier with tools like Hoot Suite which allow people like me to manage multiple social media platforms for multiple clients. It also makes it considerably easier to respond quickly to messages, likes and retweets – and the best bit, to schedule tweets and posts ahead of time. A few hours spent on digital marketing planning saves hours of constantly logging in and checking the various platforms you are on.

It’s easy with digital marketing to get a bit distracted – or obsessed – with how many followers and likes you have. However, it’s actually a red herring – focus on the types of people you want to engage with, make sure you’re putting out a variety of messages and not just sales pitches, and you will have a more fruitful outcome – you may even get some sales and isn’t that what digital marketing is actually all about?