Digital marketing Facebook campaigns

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digital marketing facebook

Most of the businesses I work with feel uncertain about the value of digital marketing Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And of course, social media isn’t for everyone. However, over 70% of the adult population have a Facebook account so it makes sense to include it as part of your marketing plan.

Digital Marketing Facebook and Twitter

The level of targeting is impressive. You can deliver adverts to the accounts who people sorted by age and location but also by their type of job, age of children or interests as well as life events such as birthdays.

Setting up the adverts to get the best results is quite skilled. We would recommend not simply boosting posts (although that’s very easy!) because you don’t have the same degree of control over the content or placement.

Using special codes, you can track through Google Analytics the performance of your adverts in getting people onto your website, which for many people is the call to action they are looking for.